Maximum space in a small bathroom

Maximum space in a small bathroom

Often when buying a flat or a home, we can face the problem of a small bathroom. Usually, it is an undersized space, small, with a low ceiling. If we approach this issue sensibly and thoughtfully, we will be able to create a pleasing space in which we can relax and rest. 

Initially, you can get overwhelmed with questions: Where do I fit all of this? Is it better to choose a bathtub or shower? Maybe to place the washing machine in the kitchen? In this article, we will try to present a couple of generally good and wise tips for arranging small bathrooms. Such problems can be encountered not only by people that buy a flat but also by ones that buy the house – then the set of problems can be connected with attics and sloping ceilings. The most important thing will be the approach – this will be the key to the success.

Bathtub or shower? This question is asked by everyone when dealing with a bathroom renovation.

It is an everlasting conflict between lovers of long and relaxing baths and those who want to take only a quick shower. When it comes to the small space, we can choose a 2-in-1 solution. Bathtubs can be mounted with a glass screen – thanks to this solution we will be able to conveniently take a quick shower. With that solution we can add a lot of lightness and functionality to our space.

If we opt for a shower cabin, corner ones are ideal, they take less space so furniture pieces or other bathroom fittings can be displayed.

Storage space in bathroom is one of the biggest problems to design when it comes to renovations. However, we must remember not to overdo the number of cabinets and furniture, as it will spoil the look of the entire bathroom. A great idea to make use of the space are cabinets above the toilet, which will blend in perfectly with the bathroom surroundings, laundry baskets hidden in a row of modular furniture, and a bowl with a concealed frame, which will help us save some more centimeters.

Let's remember that the best way to make a bathroom smaller is moderation, the saying less is more works perfectly in this case.