Mirrors in the apartment - where to hang them?

Mirrors in the apartment - where to hang them?

Recently, mirrors have become very popular as a part of furnishings. They are not only used for practical purposes but are now more widely used just for decoration. When appropriately arranged – mirrors can visually enlarge the interior and give it freshness. Most often, mirrors are hung in bathrooms and hallways, but other places like bedrooms and living rooms are good choices as well. Just like paintings, clocks, or posters, mirrors can play a decorative role. The most important thing is to match the style of the mirror to the style of space in which it is to be located. When choosing a mirror – we must pay attention to its appearance, size and shape so that it matches the arrangement of the room in which it will be located. The mirror will look great above the sofa, over the dining table, or above a chest of drawers. It is worth putting something nice to look in its reflection.

When choosing a mirror for the bathrooms, it is worth paying attention to the aesthetics and functional values – that is why it is worth deciding on mirrors with LED backlight  - it will provide great help for example for shaving or doing makeup. Currently, at the market, we can see mirrors with demisters or magnifying glass. While the first device – demister will allow us to forget about the streaks and stains from steam that will appear in the bathroom,  the magnifying glass will make it easier to do the makeup or to put on the contact lenses.

We already know where the mirror can be hung, but are there places where it shouldn’t?

Such a place, for example, is the space above the desk. Placing the mirror there will result in possible distraction from work by each reflection or movement in the mirror.

According to the rules of feng shui, mirrors should not be hung in front of the door as it can cause happiness to run away from the house. According to the same rules, mirror, when placed in the dining room, can multiply wealth.